ONTIV-Social: A flexible system

Flexible usage of ONTIV-Social

The usage of ONTIV-Social is as variable as its users: Not only by the different additions (= apps) for different areas (e.g. measure management and process design), but also as a basic component, ONTIV-Social convinces its users with its high flexibility. It is a true all-rounder software.

Collection of ideas and knowledge store

Many of our customers use the social business as their intern knowledge store. With the program, ideas, suggestions, links or photos for special topics – sorted in themed rooms – can be collected. Authorized users can get access any time. Together, the employees of a company can search for information on a topic and store it. News about IT-topics, suggestions for innovative developments or feedback to projects can be saved in the rooms. Even a translation room for technical terms can be established (for example, the German term „Grimpzange“ doesn’t exist in the Hungarian language – for this, a special themed room has been created by one of our customers).

Division of labour and teamwork

The shift handover in companies is handled without any problem by the help of log book rooms. The centralized possibility of collecting important information helps concerning a shift handover, too. For example, early shift employees can note their daily improvements and give access to the late shift employees. The term „teamwork“ is realized right in the middle of ONTIV-Social, too. The administration of team tasks, which can recur if necessary, is possible as well as the decentralized discussion about a common project. Instead of causing a flood of e-mails, you communicate comfortably within ONTIV-Social.

Creation of tasks and appointment planning

Of course, the task management is an important topic for customers using ONTIV-Social. The planning of tasks allows the individual allocation of tasks to users, right on the monitor. Deadlines are protected any time with the help of automatic notifications – users love this function of ONTIV-Social and like to use it a lot. In addition to that, appointments can be planned within the social business and connected to, for example, existing entries.

Achieving even more – with the apps

Users who want even more than that can expand the service of ONTIV-Social by using specialized apps. Those apps refer to a measure management (ONTIV-Activity), project management (ONTIV-Project), process management (ONTIV-Process) and the organisation of your reporting system in the company (ONTIV-Message). Many of our customers decided to use one or more of these additions and expanded the functions in a specialized area. In addition to that, we even develop individual apps according to your wishes (for example, for product requests).

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