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One software, many solutions

One software, many solutions

The ONTIV-Suite combines document control and social business in one perfect solution. The linkage of ONTIV-Q.Doc and ONTIV-Social offers the ideal base for a successful Enterprise Organisation Management. The modular structure guarantees a flexible expansion of both basic elements via several apps. By using existing ONTIV-Apps or customizing them according to the needs of the user, the ONTIV-Suite ensures a comfortable workflow.

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User-friendly interface

User-friendly interface

The focus of our ONTIV-Suite is on the employee. Our software gets to the heart of complex contents and accompanies the user on his way. A personal, direct access to relevant data reduces working time that is needed for administrative tasks and search procedures. Because of this, a high acceptance among employees is achieved. Web-based, yet integrated: The ONTIV-Suite perfectly adapts to your environment and existing CI.

Numerous possibilities

Numerous possibilities

Choose the ONTIV-Suite as an overall solution to perfectly cover all requirements of an Enterprise Organisation Management. In addition to that, there are apps of different areas. These are custom-fit for a risk management, a measure management and many others, but they can also be developed individually for your own needs. The components of the ONTIV-Suite are also separately available. ONTIV-Q.Doc takes care of a variety of specified documents. ONTIV-Social offers an optimal base for communication within your company and an aimed management of knowledge or tasks.


  • What is special about the ONTIV-Suite?

    Why is the ONTIV-Suite perfect for you? You receive a comprehensive and competent software for your document management and the creation of a social network at your workplace. Click through our contents and learn more about our ONTIV-software!

  • Perfect symbiosis

    The ONTIV-Suite combines business requirements and a lived work routine in the form of a well-structured solution for communication and documentation.

  • One interface – Many applications

    Within the ONTIV-Suite you can combine several applications and integrate our apps or third systems like an individual, existing intranet.

  • Modular structure

    The product can be built modularly according to your demands. You only use components you really need, which means that you can put together your individual ONTIV-Suite.

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