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High acceptance because of user-friendliness

High acceptance because of user-friendliness

You can organize documents and files of all sorts with ONTIV-Q.Doc. The creation happens in known software such as MS Word. Afterwards, contents are easily integrated in our ONTIV-Software. Each user accesses an individual homepage that lists only relevant contents for him or her. A manual filtering of large datasets is not necessary because of document control 4.0, which ONTIV-Q.Doc enables. All important documents can be seen at a glance. That is why your document guidance will be easier than ever before!

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2-click-strategy: Reducing search times

2-click-strategy: Reducing search times

Find your document quickly thanks to the ONTIV-Q.Doc 2-click-strategy. This means that users only need two clicks to find documents they are searching for. For example, the first click opens a group which the user is a member of and the desired document is part of. The second click grants the user direct access to the file. Thereby, search procedures and the necessity of filtering are reduced to a minimum.

Intelligent links: Automatically up-to-date

Intelligent links: Automatically up-to-date

Set once but always up-to-date: That is what a permalink in ONTIV-Q.Doc stands for. It is more than just a simple link. The automatic update of changed links always keeps your documentation up-to-date without any time-consuming adjustments. If a linked file is being revised, the connection will still persist. “Empty” links cannot happen because of practical automatisms in the background. That saves time and creates more security.


  • What makes ONTIV-Q.Doc special?

    Why is ONTIV-Q.Doc the perfect solution for you? The user-friendly use of the software reduces your document-related search times to a minimum. After logging in, all contents are listed clearly. Therefore, you promptly receive a well-structured document management that is individual for each user. Click through our information to learn more about ONTIV-Q.Doc.

  • Specifications

    Every specified document can become part of ONTIV-Q.Doc. QM-Documentations, technical specifications, work instructions, checklists, installation instructions – each one is integrable.

  • Targeted distribution

    Direct documents workplace-related and location-related, filtrate by organization units and fields of activity. This precise assignment saves search times and thereby results in employees’ acceptance. Every employee knows which documents concern him or her and what needs to be worked on.

  • Goal-oriented and pinpoint

    ONTIV-Q.Doc takes many tasks. For example, if there is a check, users will automatically be notified. The resubmission of documents after a certain period of time is also possible. Users are informed as soon as it is their part to check documents next.

  • Integrated management system

    Display an integrated system for your quality management, work safety management, environmental management or energy management. You can act independently: Our software is not bound to a specific norm and can be built arbitrary.e spezielle Norm gebunden und kann daher beliebig aufgebaut werden.

    Here is an excerpt of management systems that our users manage with ONTIV-Q.Doc: DIN EN ISO 9001:2008, DIN EN ISO 9001:2015, TS 16949, EMAS, ISO 14001, EN ISO 50001


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