Easy planning with ONTIV-Project

Project monitor for Walzwerke Einsal garantuees overview

Our software solutions ONTIV-Q.Doc and ONTIV-Social have been used by Walzwerke Einsal from Nachrodt (NRW, Germany) for more than one month. Now, our project management becomes part of them, too. Our app ONTIV-Project adds a central project planning with clear overviews for them.

Project monitor with Gantt-diagrams

The Gantt-diagrams guarantee a permanent and thorough overview of current and future projects. They allow to see how far plannings have gotten, when there are actions required and how single activities correlate with each other.

Tasks and project participation

Single tasks of plannings are distributed to the users and watched automatically. The integrated escalation management is responsible for the compliance with set times and deadlines. A user can always view which projects he participates in by taking a look at the “My Social” area of ONTIV-Social. With our app and the central project monitor, ideas and plannings of Walzwerke Einsal will take shape quickly in the future.


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