Our business motto is more than just a slogan. It reminds us time and again of our goal: With our software, we want to make the work of our customers and partners easier and their communication more efficient. This also means that we advise and help our customers right from the beginning and continue to be in contact even after the delivery of our software. Together with our customers, we work to improve our products and adapt them to their needs.

Our focus is on our users. We strive to not only develop powerful software but to make it transparent and accessible to all, as well. Because only a program, which is easy to understand and use by all employees, can be fully accepted.

Our Company History

  • 2015

    Change of our legal entity status to GmbH and expansion of our premises
  • 2011

    Move to Sandstraße 53, our current offices in the heart of Siegen
  • 2003

    Change of name to  „ONTIV“, a contraction from Englisch „on“ and German „Motiv“ (motive)
  • 1998

    Company founded as a full-service provider around the Internet, intranet and extranet

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