Smart Teamwork for Everyone

Communication Has Never Been Easier

with ONTIV Social

ONTIV Social is much more than just a social network for businesses. Our Social Management System is the link that brings together all parts of the ONTIV Suite. Social collects knowledge in a central location, promotes better communication between colleagues and encourages discussions in the company. The optional apps simplify procedures, or control tasks and responsibilities. Or they help to keep track of projects, actions and processes.

You can decide for yourself which features are right for you and your company. With our apps, you can design the ONTIV Suite that is perfectly suited for your needs.

Room To Think

Rooms are the central element of ONTIV Socia, all information about a topic is assigned to one. Here all the files, tasks, processes and projects work together to fulfil a specific purpose. For each room, you can choose who is allowed to read or add information. This way your data is safe from unauthorized access and your employees can always get the knowledge they need.

Collect Knowledge at One Central Location

One of your most valuable resources is the accumulated expertise and experience of your workforce. It can be very detrimental if this knowledge is lost through illness or retirement of an employee. With the full-text search, you can find and understand all versions of a document and the discussion about it, long after it happened. And with the additional app ONTIV Process, you can let your employees draw their own processes, so they can pass on their knowledge.

Keep An Eye on Your Tasks

ONTIV Activity makes it easy for you to create tasks for yourself and your colleagues. The traffic light system tells you immediately which topics need to be handled first. And with ONTIV Project, you can also view all tasks clearly on a kanban board or a Gantt chart.

Connected Perfectly

You will be informed by email as soon as something changes in your news feed, so you will never to miss any important task. And with our Microsoft Outlook plugin, you can send or forward messages directly to the right rooms. This helps to keep colleagues well informed when communicating with external partners.

Our Apps

You can improve and expand the features of ONTIV Social with our apps. This will give you a tailor-made solution that is perfectly suited to your needs. We are happy to put together your personal ONTIV Suite for you.

With Activity, you can always keep track. Plan complex actions and delegate tasks to achieve your action goal. Deadlines and progress can be identified at a glance.

Drawing processes made easy! Let your employees become part of the process design and work together to ensure a smooth operation of your business.

Immediately grasp the current status of your projects with the Kanban board and adjust them using drag & drop. Oversee the timing and dependency of tasks with a Gantt chart.

Make it easier to avoid mistakes: With our reporting system all-rounder, you can collect and manage complaints, ideas or risks in a central area and take appropriate action directly.

More Information Coming Soon

Are there any features you are missing?

We are constantly improving ourselves and our software. We will make sure to find a perfect solution for your needs, too.

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