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Document Control Is The End Of Long Searches

with ONTIV Q.Doc

Find documents before you start searching for them: ONTIV Q.Doc can do much more than just manage your files. Our sophisticated interface lets you get there in just two clicks instead of finding the right document and location in complicated folder structures. Spend less time searching and invest your energy in projects that are important to you.


Only Two Clicks To Your Destination

The two-click strategy is at the heart of our document control. On the home screen, you can see all the groups relevant to you. One click will show all the documents of the group, the second one opens the right document straight away.

At A Glance

Do you work in purchasing and want to see all purchasing guides, budget plans or supplier information at a glance? Not a problem. Click on the group "Purchase" and all matching documents are displayed immediately.

"In which folder did we drop that again?"

Stop the confusion! ONTIV Q.Doc does not have a traditional folder structure but links each file with any number of workgroups. Each group member always has the latest version available.

Different Editions for Different Requirements

The right solution for your needs: ONTIV Q.Doc is available in three different editions, each designed to fit different requirements. These are the most important functions:

Features Business Professional Enterprise
  • Full-Text Search
    Stop rifling through countless folder structures and easily find documents, comments and processes - lightning fast with our full-text search.
  • Multi-Level Approval Process
    For each document, you can specify as many examiners as you like and prioritize up to three review instances prior to publication. That way you can be sure that all information is absolutely correct.
  • Choose Your Own Favorites
    Do you have documents that you use frequently? Our link boxes give you instant access to your favourites.
  • Security
    Easily manage reading rights to regulate who can access your confidential documents.
  • Automated Emails
    In case of changes or news, you are reliably informed by email. This happens, for example, if a new document is available in your groups, if you have a new assignment, or documents have been submitted for your review.
  • Validity
    Create validity periods for documents, submit them in time for review and never miss a deadline again. Validation reports allow you to see exactly what is required for review and revision.
  • Smart Links
    Connect documents and get notified you when a change is made to a linked file. If, for example, there is a document in several languages, the translators are automatically notified as soon as something changes in the original file.
  • Delegete Management
    Never again wait in vain for a release because an examiner is on vacation or is sick at short notice! With delegate management, requests are automatically forwarded if there is no response.
  • Pre-Made User Profiles
    You can easily manage reading rights and responsibilities for a large number of employees.
  • Mehrfachverknüfungen
    Ein Dokument kann mehreren Kategorien zugeordnet werden. So vermeiden Sie doppelte Dateien, Ihre Dokumente sind immer auf dem neuesten Stand und IMS wird zum Kinderspiel.
  • Verwaltung von Erstellerrechten
    Legen Sie an zentraler Stelle fest, wer wo etwas einstellen, verändern, herunterladen oder einsehen darf. Sensible Inhalte werden so zuverlässig vor unerlaubtem Druck oder Vervielfältigung geschützt.
  • LDAP Dynamic
    Achieve permanent synchronization between Active Directory and ONTIV-Q.Doc management through LDAP Dynamic. This reduces the administration and maintenance of the system to a minimum.
  • Multi-System Capability
    Operate multiple sites separately on a shared server. Your employees only see the information that is relevant to their location.

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