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Get The Complete Perspective On Your Project Management

mit ONTIV Project

With ONTIV Project, creative ideas and new innovations take on a concrete form: Projects and their tasks are quickly set up and assigned to a responsible person. You can also assign details such as end date and priority. 

Intuitive Use

The kanban board shows the current status of tasks and allows a quick status change via drag & drop. Until successful implementation, you always keep an eye on your ideas.

Stay Focused

Each project goal always stays in mind for all participants. Thanks to the social media basis of ONTIV Project, cross-site and multi-site project management is easily possible. The project cockpit provides relevant data and shows current progress as well as the path to your project goal. Drafts are also available for authorized employees.

Gantt Charts Provide An Overview

ONTIV Project sorgt für eine Transparenz Ihrer Projekte. Das integrierte Gantt-Diagramm zeigt Ihnen die Zusammenhänge der projektbezogenen Aufgaben: Sie erfahren, welche Aktivitäten direkt aufeinander aufbauen und voneinander abhängig sind. Der Zeitplan Ihres Projekts wird dadurch deutlich.

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