Processes Have Never Been That Simple

Process Optimization Made Easy

with ONTIV Process

ONTIV Process is much more than a flexible and easy-to-use process designer. Working with our software suite, Process becomes a powerful tool: Discuss changes and planning in ONTIV Social, translate proposals, and check and revise existing processes. Keep track of who is allowed to view and edit them. Once you have worked with ONTIV Process, you will never again be able to imagine anything else.


Let The Experts Draw Your Processes

The experts for the processes and requirements in your company are very close: employees with many years of experience. With the intuitive and user-friendly interface, all colleagues can easily create the processes they know best.

Discuss Processes and Make Them Better

Very few processes are perfect from the start. Involve all employees, discuss suggestions for improvements and keep track of all versions and revisions.

The Perfect View for Every Process

Swimlane, SIPOC or blank template: Find the right form of representation for each process. Or you can integrate existing process maps into the software. 

The Turtle Provides an Overall View

With just one click, you can turn any process into a Turtle Diagram and have all the data immediately at hand.

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