Process management in an easy way

ONTIV-Process convinces Walzwerke Einsal

Walzwerke Einsal are convinced of the practical use of our ONTIV-products for quite a while now. Both our main products ONTIV-Q.Doc and ONTIV-Social are used by them. They optimize the document management and company communication within Walzwerke Einsal. Additionally, our project management ONTIV-Project supports them with a successful realization of intern projects and tasks now. Besides, our new app was interesting for them, too: ONTIV-Process guarantees an easy process designing with the help of useful tools.

Effective process management at Walzwerke Einsal

The user-friendly usage of the process designing tool and ready-to-go templates simplify daily processes and result in a clear structure. With ONTIV-Process, processes can be displayed in a Blanko or a Swimlane-Layout. Furthermore, existing process maps can be integrated, too. The analysis of particular process steps happens in a process room, which is created for each new process. Here, suggestions by all employees for an optimization of processes can be gathered. Walzwerke Einsal profit from a structured display of processes and a perfect integration into the existing social network, ONTIV-Social.

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