Keep Your Eyes On The Goal!

Your Key To Successful Action Management

with ONTIV Activity

ONTIV Activity makes it easy for you to keep track of your actions. Easily define who is responsible, set a time window for each phase and determine priorities. Assign individual measures to employees and see directly who is doing what and how far the measure has progressed. This way, not only are the managers always up to date, but all colleagues are always well informed.


Keep Your Eye On Time Limits and Progress

With the percentage bar, you can track exactly how much you have already achieved and what lies ahead. The traffic light colour markings allow you to see which tasks or measures are already completed and how urgent a possible need for action is - all at a single glance.

Easily Discuss Your Measures

If there is something new pending for you, you will not only see a notification in the ONTIV Suite, but you will also be informed by email. Unclear points can be discussed with your colleagues directly in the comment function of the measure since all information converges at one point. Take advantage of ONTIV Social and start now with your Social Action Management 4.0!

The View From Above

Our action monitor allows you to keep the central, complete overview of all action rooms at all times and to record all open measures and tasks at a glance.

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