ODW Elektrik uses ONTIV-software

ODW chooses ONTIV-Q.Doc and ONTIV-Process

ODW Elektrik GmbH with its approx. 2000 employees at four locations in Europe (Germany, Hungary, Ukraine, Macedonia) continues its way of digitalization. The company trusts ONTIV-Q.Doc and the new process designer ONTIV-Process, which will simplify and optimize future processes and thereby help the company to adjust to the market’s requirements.

From social network to process management

Since two years, ODW Elektrik GmbH trusts ONTIV. Besides the first product, ONTIV-Social, the measure management software ONTIV-Activity has also become a helpful tool for them. Therefore, the company that operates in different European contries, takes no risk anymore concerning its planned measures and internal communication. The main argument for another investment was the need of a flexible document management. ONTIV-Q.Doc fulfills the high expectations of flexibility and user-friendliness. ONTIV-Process has also become part of ODW Elektrik GmbH. The individual process designer was able to convince with the freedoms and clarity it offers its users. Besides, an already existing process map can easily be integrated in the process management.

We are very glad that ODW Elektrik GmbH trusts our ONTIV-Software and we are also looking forward to being partners in the future.


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