Process management in an easy way

New app: ONTIV-Process

Besides a successful communication, process management plays an important role in companies, too. Accordingly, we have developed an app which perfectly expands the social network component ONTIV-Social and the document guidance software ONTIV-Q.Doc. It combines a fluent company communication with an analysis of processes and takes care of an effective documentation of your company processes.

Process management with a well-structured app

Experience the Business Process Management in a new way: ONTIV-Process helps you with the creation of time-saving and well-arranged processes as well as the analysis of existing processes. Once a process is created, it will automatically be published in a process room within the belonging component ONTIV-Social for discussion. In that room, comments of each kind find their place. Every employee with respective access rights can open the process room and share his or her ideas.

Inspiration through specific templates

Our new process product impresses by prefabricated templates. Let yourself be inspired by the choice of the different styles of displaying a process – either the blanko style or the swimlane layout. Existing process maps can easily be integrated and worked with in our app.

Learn more about our process manager here:

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