A new feature for our task management

Kanban-Board complements ONTIV-Social

The task management of ONTIV-Social, the project planning in ONTIV-Project and the measure management of ONTIV-Activity are more clearly arranged than ever before because of the integration of a Kanban-Board.

The three categories for measures and tasks

The Kanban-Board is now available in ONTIV-Social and gives you the opportunity to quickly move measures or tasks to the categories “planned”, “open” and “finished” per drag & drop function.

If you plan a new task or measure, it automatically appears in your Kanban-Board in the category “planned”. Once the activity is to begin, you can change the status by pulling the respective planning to the category “open”. The same applies to finishing an activity and pulling it to the category “finished”. The opposite movement, for instance from “open” to “planned”, is also possible.

Colored marking results in a better overview

The three categories of the Kanban-Board are designed in different colors. Respectively deposited tasks and measures are marked in the same color to guarantee an instant and helpful overview of your activities.

The Kanban-Board complements the existing functions of ONTIV-Social and the respective apps with a quick overview of current tasks and measures.

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