Frequently Asked Questions

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How much does the ONTIV Suite cost?

We put together a tailor-made software package for each customer, which makes the pricing highly individual. We will gladly make a non-binding offer for you.

For whom is the ONTIV Suite the right solution?

From international corporations to small and medium-sized companies - if you want to fundamentally change the way people communicate and deal with documents in your company, then you've come to the right place. Our software adapts flexibly to your needs. You only pay for the licenses that you really need.

Is the ONTIV Suite suitable for small businesses?

There is no "too small" for us! Social and the associated apps are useful beginning with one employee. Q.Doc, on the other hand, only develops its full potential with about 50 users upwards. We are happy to advise you and give you an individual, non-binding offer.

If the expenses for your own server initially seem a bit high, then try our cloud solution!

Do I need my own server?

That's up to you. You can choose to save your data in the cloud or store it on our servers, located in Germany.

How do I get to know all the features of the ONTIV Suite?

We are happy to present our software in a personal and non-binding webinar. Contact us and make an appointment now! Or get access to our demo and take your time to look around.

Can I try the software out first?

Yes, with our free demo you can look at all features on your own and for as long as you like, but all content is deleted during the night. If you are satisfied, we will gladly make you an offer.

Which individual components does the license contain?

Our flexible system allows you to put together a software solution tailored to your needs. Q.Doc and Social can be operated independently, the apps Activity, Process, Project, Message, Contract, and Audit only work in conjunction with Social.

Can I add more licenses features later if my needs change?

After starting with our software, you can always purchase new license keys that will immediately unlock new features or users.

Is my data safe?

Yes. Your data is stored on your own servers, or on external servers in Germany. These servers are subject to European data protection regulations.

I need a feature that the ONTIV Suite doesn't offer yet. Can you still help me?

No problem! We are constantly working on improvements, new features, and innovative apps. Since we want to tailor our software exactly to the needs of our users, you are welcome to contact us with your wishes. We are sure we can find a solution together.

Does the software have to be reinstalled on every computer?

No. Each user receives personal login information, which allows them to log in easily via the Internet browser of their choice. The actual software runs on a server in your house or is in the cloud. With the on-premise variant, the login takes place via automatic registration (single sign-on).

Does the ONTIV Suite only work with Windows?

No. Since you access it through your web browser, our software runs on every operating system, no matter if Windows, MacOS or Linux.

Can I log in from outside the company network?

That depends on which installation you choose. The on-premise solution protects your data by preventing external access. The cloud solution can be reached from anywhere in the world.

Does the ONTIV Suite work together with other products?

Yes, our software has appropriate interfaces and can be connected to other products (Microsoft SharePoint or Teams, CRQ systems, etc.) as needed.

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