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    Enterprise Organisation Management

    Enterprise Organisation Management

    With Enterprise Organisation Management we do not only refer to document control and processes but also to the controls of internal and external communication including costumers and suppliers. Here the requirements of the sections Industry 4.0 and Work 4.0 are completely considered.

    The workplace of tomorrow is changing, so the demands on digital devices are changing, too. The ONTIV-Suite offers you a large base that you will pass the digital transformation with. It is a future-proof investment.

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    • What is ONTIV?

      ONTIV is a software- and consulting office with many years of experience in Enterprise Organisation Management. We offer you timesaving solutions around document control, process designing and enterprise communication. Individual solutions complete our range of services.

    • What kind of software do we offer?

      We offer software that is user friendly and easy to use. Software that saves you time and reduces the administrative outlay. Software that is guaranteed to be accepted by your employees. From a document management system to a communication solution: the main products by ONTIV optimize your Workflow with smart automatisms.

    • How can I receive an impression?

      You can get a first impression of our software by looking at the pages of ONTIV-Q.Doc, ONTIV-Social and ONTIV-Suite. You can also request additional information, e.g. a datailed list of functions or screenshots. Furthermore, you can test a free demo version of our software.


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